Ethics and Sustainable Development

« Sustainable development is a development capable of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs »

The increased transparency requested by a better informed customer base, careful of the environment, is influencing heavily our society, addressing companies towards a new organizational model that intimately cares for the sustainability of its processes and products. More and more often we hear people talking about Ethics and Sustainable Development, this type of development creates a relationship between the three dimensions (economic, social and environmental) bonding them strictly together; this correlation thus declares that any programming intervention needs to consider this relationship and that to develop any one of these three dimensions hazardous behaviors for any of the other two should not be put in place. ILPO is among those companies that since a while have integrated with great attention the themes connected with sustainable development and that can praise on years of ethical behavior and commitment towards the environment and resources conservation.

Today international norms are being issued to provide a guide to responsible organizations related to the impact of their activities on the society and on the environment, so that those activities are handled in compliance with applicable laws based on an ethical behavior and are consistent with the interests of the society and of sustainable development. Aligning to this kind of norms means for the common well being primarily being able to find the right balance of economical/financial interests and those connected with the environment: since years ILPO has based its activities on behaviors sustainable through time and strongly oriented towards the respect of laws and rules.