ILPOFLEX: your comfort in our hands

ILPOFLEX is a polyurethane system especially formulated for cold molding suitable for the production of furnishing for home, office and collective spaces.

The systems under the trademark ILPOFLEX are fully water blown. The expansion of the foam is in fact obtained thanks to the carbon dioxide generated by the reaction of isocyanate (primary raw material in the production of polyurethane foams) with water in order to avoid the use of any substance in the molding process that can be harmful for the ozone layer.



The systems under the trademark ILPOFLEX are used for the production of customer drawing upholstered furnishing elements like chairs, sofas and stools for contract and home applications. The obtained foamed items contain embedded in the foam itself inserts or load bearing structures made of wood, metal or plastic materials, they allow an extreme aesthetic versatility as well as  the possibility to have different densities and hardnesses according to the final use of the product.


Besides supplying a finished product as per customers’ requests ILPO’s technical department can support clients in the definition of all those aspects related to the production of the foamed item, to the design and development of the best suited inserts according to the type of product and in general follow step by step the definition of the project before industrialization. ILPO’s technical department supports the entire development process of the mold that is made of resin and reinforced with structural metalwork to mold also very complex shapes.

The upholstered items produced by ILPO can be supplied without external coating to allow for final personalization by the end customer.