The polyurethane that doesn’t need Painter

ILPOTECH is the last born system in the rigid polyurethane engineering plastic range supplied by ILPO. This system is offered to customers with a molded density of 1050 g/l, like ILPOSTRONG but thanks to the “in-mold-coating” (IMC) painting technique it allows to obtain finished and colored items.

For years ILPO has dedicated great attention to this specific painting technology, gaining with time a significant technical expertise. The in-mold-coating allows to manufacture colored rigid polyurethane parts, specifically compact polyurethane due to the end-use and it is a process based on a mass precoloring process of the material and a subsequent application of a special water based paint directly in the mold.

The water based paints used for this technology have been specifically formulated so as not to interfere with very short polymerization cycles. With this technique a coating is created on the surface of the mold that perfectly adheres: the subsequent phases of mold closure and high pressure material injection efficiently bond the coating to the material making it an integral part of the finished item. The polyurethane base and the paint are fully compatible and the polymerization of the material creates a chemical bondage between coating and support that does not allow for any parting risk.

Therefore ILPOTECH can bend freely without running any risk for the paint applied in the mold which becomes one with the polyurethane. This type of coating gives the final item an increased superficial homogeneity, it protects the underlying material from oxidation and it provides increased UV resistance.

Sharp and persistent colors combined with a surface with an inimitable touch that becomes a new exciting possibility for the realization of technical parts as well as for manufacturing attractive designers’ shapes. A further advantage provided by this technique is related to the reduction of manufacturing costs.

The subsequent painting process of the molded part even though it offers varied finishing and coloring opportunities heavily influences the overall costs of the finished pieces. With the IMC technology costs and processing time related to after molding phases are completely eliminated, as all the finishing steps are integrated in the transformation cycle. ILPOTECH is also available with the V-0 fire-reaction grade according to UL 94 standards.