Our History

The first ILPO company was founded in 1965 with the main function of producing customer drawing items for big brand of the furnishing and design fields at national level. Later on in 1977 the existent ILPO Divisione Integrali was created fully dedicated to the transformation of polyurethane raw materials into rigid and flexible polyurethane products.

In the world of small medium size businesses ILPO was founded as a family run company from the love and dedication of the Marani family. Many researches have demonstrated that the death rate of a family business linked to the generation change, that is the taking over at management level of the founder’s heirs, is a significant risk factor for the survival of the company. Since its foundation already three generations have followed one after the other in ILPO, without damaging neither the solidity nor the presence in the market place; three generations of commitment, research and mainly passion for design and for polyurethane!

The production on customer drawing for big brands of the furniture market segment and of the industry generally speaking granted ILPO a primacy position in the transformation market of these materials, that persuaded the management during mid nineties to add to its vast range of products the first ever produced rigid polyurethane shell commercialized under its own brand and designed by Giovanni Baccolini: the first IKS was born!

Today hundreds of thousand IKS shells have been sold worldwide for home, contract and school applications. An idea that many considered hazardous at that time, but that provided excellent returns opening a new market niche and qualifying ILPO as a “pioneer” in a developing market segment.

Being a “pioneer” in its reference market for specific actions and activities, has always been and still remains ILPO’s characteristic. The company has in fact played a significant role in the technical and technology related field for having organized many seminars for technical update as well as many activities with schools, Universities, Institutions and young designers, like for example the four editions of the renowned ESAEDRO PRIZE and Wokshops for designers.

The relationships with the schools have always been very important for ILPO and have been synonymous of “investing in good ideas, in innovation and in youngsters”. With time these initiatives allowed the development of a branded product line, up to the definition of a so called container branded ILPODESIGN that bears all the exclusive lines produced by ILPO for contract applications.