ILPODUR – Baydur60®: where aesthetics and functionality can express themselves freely

ILPODUR is a rigid polyurethane engineering plastic BAYDUR, molded at 600 g/l density, well suited for the production of carters, panels and technical components that combine functional performances and aesthetic characteristics.

ILPODUR allows for the manufacture of items with high as well as variable thicknesses, leaving full freedom to the designers’ pencil which can thus freely convey aesthetics and properties. This particular material with its excellent structural performances makes it possible to overcome the traditional design limitations and challenge ambitious shapes without the use of reinforcing structural inserts.

Pieces molded with ILPODUR rigid polyurethane systems can be delivered raw, ready for painting or already painted in a wide range of aesthetic finishing and colors.

ILPODUR is also available with the V-0 fire-reaction grade according to UL 94 standards.