Polyurethane as technological choice

Among plastic materials polyurethane is a very special material that is suitable to be used for an extremely varied range of final products. Also the processing techniques related to this versatile plastic material are differentiated and the final products attainable are utilized for many uses ranging from the production of very soft, highly comfortable items to structural strong parts with significant load bearing characteristics.

ILPO since its foundation has dedicated time and resources to the study and development of the transformation technologies connected with this very versatile material, finding it more and more stimulating in the discovery of new performance opportunities offered.

Keywords linked to this extraordinary plastic material can be summarized in comfort; extreme flexibility in the creation of aesthetic shapes – also very complex ones – of colors, dimensions and finishing; constant reproducibility; fire reaction behavior.

The technologies utilized by ILPO for the production of its polyurethane items are mainly two: cold molding for flexible foams and “RIM” with “in mold coating” for rigid polyurethane.

ILPO has always been committed to constant innovation of its processes and products. During years the Research & Development, trying to keep the transformation technologies of flexible and rigid polyurethanes at the forefront, has dedicated attention and care to RIM and IMC (in mold coating) technologies, always grating to its customers the best products with the most advanced properties.