ILPOTECH, ILPOSTRONG, ILPODUR: the rigid polyurethane triplet

The range of rigid polyurethane systems offered by ILPO for the production of durable goods with differentiated characteristics is based on three specific products: ILPODUR, ILPOSTRONG and the last born within the range ILPOTECH. These systems differentiate one another by their properties, the production process and performances: a varied scenario for a complete offering.

  • ILPODUR: rigid polyurethane foam medium density 600 g/l, available raw or painted.
  • ILPOSTRONG: rigid polyurethane foam, medium density 1,050 g/l, available raw or painted.
  • ILPOTECH: rigid polyurethane foam, medium density 1,050 g/l dyed and varnished in the mold


The production line for rigid polyurethane foams under the trademarks ILPODUR, ILPOSTRONG and ILPOTECH is equipped with the following machines and production equipment:

  • 4 production lines, with 12 hydraulic presses for aluminum molds;
  • 9 vacuum assisted booths for the production of colored polyurethane obtained with the IMC technology;
  • 4 high pressure machines, suitable for molding parts with weights between 0.50 and 14 kg.

All rigid PU ILPO are characterized by the reaction to the flame polyurethanes according UL_94 with V_0 able: a guarantee and a certification directly available to customers. ILPO is the only Italian molding company whose structural rigid polyurethane are “listed” at UL.