To optimize the use of the material in order to exploit its characteristics according to the required mechanical performances

ILPO has been collaborating since years with selected partner to be able to best satisfy the requirements of its customers aiming at optimizing the use of polyurethane resins; starting from the design, to the manufacture of the mold, all production phases are controlled in order to guarantee customers an high level of quality of the final products, but also of the service provided.

The design of a critical detail is guided by finite element simulation, so as to minimize tensions and mechanical risks of the part without penalizing aesthetic or use. Final objective is that to best utilize the polyurethane resins to contain raw material costs and final items weight.

Since years ILPO has been partnering for the fine-tuning of complex projects with design and engineering companies, specialized in the finite element simulation aimed at optimizing processes and to offer customers an high quality service.

The resulting pieces avoid bad surprises and the mechanical behavior is always in line with customers requirements, aesthetic is not penalized, the utilized quantity of material is the minimum possible and the performance tests are always passed right upfront.